What Vanessa’s ex boyfriend Jux said after she broke the Internet with pregnancy news!

Tanzanian singer Juma Jux is a heartbroken man after his ex girlfriend whom he dated for long is now another man’s wife and heavily pregnant.

Venessa Mdee and Juma Jux were once power couple before splitting after misunderstandings. It’s said that before the bitter split, there was dramatic events revolving around infidelity and disrespect towards Mdee.

Jux, however confirmed the rumours after he quickly introduced his Asian girlfriend barely three months after their break up.

Venessa also moved on after barging her current bae who is also a singer and an Hollywood Actor Rotimi, whom they are expecting their first child.

With the pregnancy news, Juma Jux has dropped a new song believed to be dedicated to Mdee, according to the cover image on the audio song on YouTube.

In the song, the award winning singer has talked about loosing a good woman, his regrets. He goes on and wish her a happy life. More

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