This are the main causes of cancer.

Cancer is a malaise that is feared by many even by the mention of it.

Many people including you may wonder, what really causes cancer and how does it enter the body. First, there different types of cancer cells that affects different parts of human body parts. The main ones are : 1.Breast cancer in women, 2. blood cancer in men, 3. brain cancer in both men and women, 4. Lungs cancer in both men and women and many other.

There are some foods when you eat them, you increases your chances of getting any of this cancer cells in your body.

Eating this foods will risk you of getting cancer cells.

  1. Chips.Studies have proven that, people who eat chips daily are at high risk of getting cancer cells in their bodies.
  2. Nyama choma/ roast meat. This one has proven and tested to be the main carrier of cancer cells Especially when you eat this meat and add alcohol or soda.
  3. Tomato sauce. I know that small children like tomato sources very much. But studies have it that,taking it daily or frequently risk one of getting cancer cells. In general, you should watch your diet daily and eat a lot of greens. We all know that cancer cells are all over us from ex ray machines to sun light.
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