Oscar Sudi slams One Kenya Alliance Officials badly, calls them toddlers!

Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has badly slammed One Kenya Alliance Officials after they complained of media misreporting.

A Cartooned photo of One Kenya Alliance Officials/Courtesy

Via his social media account, the fearless outspoken lawmaker said that OKA members should learn from DP William Ruto, who has been fought from every corner by biased media but has not complained.

Oscar Sudi called the president Uhuru Kenyatta allies Cerelac babies saying they are crying daily like toddlers just because of a mere media reporting.

“The so called sons of dynasties, Cerelac and blueband children in OKA are crying like babies just because of mere media reports, which country do they think they’ll lead?.

“William Ruto has been dominating in all gutter press and mainstream media for bad reasons but he has never cried foul. Hawa wanalia kama watoto wataongoza nani?” Sudi posted on his social media account. More

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