Exposed: Inside Uhuru Kenyatta Mombasa secret meeting with NASA leaders!

President Uhuru Kenyatta had a secret meeting with members of One Kenya Alliance, formerly NASA in Mombasa and they talked a lot about 2022 succession.

Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Odinga have been so close and this is not the first meeting they are having during this month of August 2021.

Over the weekend, Odinga and Kenyatta had a two men meeting in Mombasa, a meeting that all cameras were barred from hawk eyeing.

During the president’s meeting with members of One Kenya Alliance on 10th of August 2021, Uhuru Kenyatta, as usual, he vowed to support the coalition in favor of next year.

Uhuru told the OKA team to choose one person as early as possible, who will carry their flag in the next general election.

It is Uhuru’s dream for the OKA team to chose either Raila Odinga or Gideon Moi, who, according to him, are the best.

This comes a day after Kalonzo launched Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka command centre at Karen Nairobi and his main agenda was how he will lead when elected next year.

This shows that OKA might not agree on one person to be their flag bearer because Kalonzo will not agree to support either Raila or Moi, who are Uhuru’s favorites. More

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