What Ezekiel Mutua said after he was fired!

Former Kenya film classification board (KFCB) CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has finally broke his silence hours after was fired and replace by Christopher Wambua.

Taking to his social media page, Ezekiel lamented that, KFCB had done well during his tenure, citing that presentation made to the ministry of ICT on Thursday showed that the film board performed well on all its targets. 

“Yesterday all SAGAs under the Ministry of ICT signed the 2021/22 PC Vetting with CS Joe Mucheru as required by law. I led the KFCB team of Directors and Senior managers. From the presentation, KFCB has overperformed in all its targets for the FY 2020/21, in some instances scoring over 300%.

“For instance on issuance of film licenses, the Board issued over 4700 film licenses last FY. When we took over the function from DFS in 2016, the highest number of filming licenses issued was 100. Yes 100.

“In some of the PC targets signed with the CS last year, KFCB had done almost 400%. The Board had over-performed in all the targets set and signed with the CS last year. None was below 100%,” part of the statement on his Facebook post read. 

De. Mutua, however blames the media stating that, despite his good performance, the media is full of perception. “Media review of the performance is about perception or differences with creators of dirty content.”

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua was yesterday, 5th August 2021 released off his duties as the CEO of KFCB by Cabinet Secretary of ICT Joe Mucheru replacing him with Christopher Wambua, who will work as the acting CEO until further notice. More

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