Why Ndindi Nyoro was shouted down by fellow MPs in Parliament!

Kiharu member of parliament Ndindi Nyoro was on 3rd of August 2021 shouted down by his fellow legislators in the national assembly.

Ndindi, who is a strong ally to the tanga tanga faction was trying to address the dramatic incident that happened on 2nd August 2021 at Wilson airport when deputy president Ruto was blocked from leaving the country.

In a viral video clip, Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga allies were seen shouting down the legislator after he rose to talk about the government decision to block DP Ruto and his entourage from going to Kampala.

He however stood firm and argued that it was unfair to block the the second in command despite him travelling for private business.

“In this house we have the privilege of raising such issues Mr. Speaker, which are of national importance because Mr. Speaker, I don’t think as a country that we should just watch as overzealous government officials humiliate a person in the stature of the Deputy President of this nation.

“Of more importance is that I was having a private travel to Kampala, Uganda but I was told ostensibly that I needed clearance from some quota, Mr. Speaker, which is against the law .” Ndindi argued. More

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