Angry Oscar Sudi warning to Rift Valley leaders about UDA that shocked Ruto!

Kapseret Member of Parliament and DP William Ruto number one confidant from great Rift has taken a swipe on all Rift valley leaders who are against the ‘Doyen’.

Side to side photos of Oscar Sudi and DP Ruto

Wednesday, 14th of June 2021,this is what Sudi said via his social media account:

“I urge our political nemesis in Rift Valley to either shape in or shape out. I wish to issue a political notice to the following leaders who are still remnants in Jubilee; Hon.

“Margaret Kamar, Hon. Swarrup Mishra, Hon. William Chepkut, Hon. Joshua Kutuny, Hon. Alfred Keter, Hon. Zedekiah Kiprop Buzeki and others. We shall not pay attention to your cheap propaganda to divide our community.

“I urge those who chest thump with a lot of pride thinking they have enough money to buy anyone that stands on their way. I am talking of leaders with selfish and personal interests like Hon.

“Swarrup Mishra. They are however free to chart their own political path either by registering their own party or join other political affiliations.

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“We currently live in a democratic society where every leader enjoys freedom of association. These remnants are free to join ODM, KANU, ANC, WIPER, FORD KENYA or stick with their party leader Uhuru Kenyatta.

“We cannot tolerate cheap threats, petty propaganda and malicious agendas in UDA. The train left the station long time ago, only Hustlers with the same ideology can join us not clueless and rudderless rebels. Watch this space. Tutawafinya!” More

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