Raila Odinga last warning to Uhuru Kenyatta for rejection 6 judges!

Former prime minister Raila Odinga has finally broke his silence after President Uhuru Kenyatta rejected six judges that were recommended by the JSC.

The ODM party leader called on president Uhuru Kenyatta, chief justice Martha Koome, the speaker of the national assembly and the Senate to learn the interdependence of the three arms of the government and fully respect it.

“I would therefore appeal to all the leaders of our three branches of government, the President, the Speakers of the National Assembly and the Senate, and the Chief Justice, to urgently seek common ground in their respective powers in order to achieve a more effective government of the people, by the people and for the people,” said Raila

He further added that, any attempt by one arm of the government to outshine  the other will only hurt the common mwananchi, something that should be avoided.

Raila challenged his handshake partner to produce or explain to the nation why he rejected the six judges that were selected by judicial service commission back in 2018

“I challenge the Executive arm of government to share with the Judiciary and the public the concerns and evidence that led to the rejection of the six,” Odinga added. More

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