Raila Slams Willy Mutunga badly after warning Uhuru, reminds him of 2013!

Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga slammed former Chief justice willy Mutunga badly for questioning president Uhuru Kenyatta on matters constitution.

Speaking in Kibwezi during the final sendoff of former kibwezi member of parliament Kalembe Ndile, Raila said that Mutunga has no moral grounds to criticize the president.

“You do not have the moral high grounds to criticize the president. You denied us Justice in 2013. You cannot demand it now” Raila angrily said.

The former premier added that it was wrong for Mutunga to throw away the petition that sought to nullify president Kenyatta’s win in 2013.

Raila said this after Mutunga and Maraga slammed Uhuru Kenyatta after he refused to appoint six judges that were recommended by the judicial service commission. More

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