Maraga last warning to Uhuru Kenyatta after rejecting 6 judges!

Former Chief justice David Maraga has finally broke his silence days after leaving office to enjoy his retirement in his Karen residences.

Maraga saw it important to address burning issues after president Uhuru Kenyatta refused to recognize 6 out of the 40 judges that were recommended by the Judicial service commission.

Speaking to a local media house, Maraga said that, Uhuru’s decision to reject the 6 judges was totally unfair adding that he ruined the lives of those 6 judges.

“The thing in each person’s mind is that this fellow has integrity issues. When somebody loses a case before that judge, he will come up with allegations that this guy was bribed.

“You are literally ruining the careers of these judges and totally ruining their lives and that of their families. That is so serious that it cannot be done so casually as it has been done. That is extremely bad,” stated Maraga.

Uhuru, via a letter said that, he rejected the 6 judges, 2 of which were among those that declared the BBI process null and void after his team questioned about their conducts.

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The former CJ challenged the president to swear-in the rejected judges as per protocol and then lodge a complain but only if he has a prove that they conduct is questionable.

“There is a procedure. Swear these judges in, lodge a complaint before JSC and whoever has been appointed will be removed.

“What has happened is that these judges have been condemned unheard, in the eyes of the public, these are the corrupt judges the President was talking about,” Maraga added. More

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