Police rescues woman from marrying Holy spirit!

Elizabeth Nelem fell in love with God’s holy spirit. She bought a wedding gown, arranged her own marriage and took vows in front of thousands of Kenyans.

After finding her new lover, Nelem decided to do away with her earthly hubby. According to her, the holy ghost’s love is sweater than honey.

After Elizabeth story went viral all over the world, the government refused to buy her idea that the Holy ghost approached and proposed to her.

Police intervened for the sake of the boychild who’s lover was taken by someone nobody can see, hear or touch.

According to Nalem’s husband Joshua Nalem, Elizabeth left their home to a nearby shopping centre only to be alerted by locals that the woman was ‘wedding the holy spirit’.

“One of our neighbours called me saying that she had seen my wife in a wedding gown and on my arrival, I found her exchanging vows with an unseen groom,” Joshua told a local daily.

Joshua said that, after his wife wedded the Holy spirit, she travelled to Uganda for her honey moon, where she was to spend humble time with the ghost.

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Elizabeth has since been rescued and united with her earthly husband as her story of marrying an heavenly deity is against Kenyan constitution. More

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