Uhuru and Raila in tears after their biggest ally Gathoni Wamuchomba vows to support Ruto!

A very dark cloud has started gathering in the Kieleweke faction as confusions, mistrusts and blame games becomes their daily recipe

It all started after the high court stopped the BBI reggae by declaring the whole process unconstitutional, null and void, something that made even the former premier sink in the ocean of scepticism.

Full of denial, the BBI secretariats assured their supporters that all was not lost and that the reggae had just been paused and soon, they will shake to the tune again.

Days after the court slapped Kieleweke with both hands, Juja people decided to speak with one voice and burry the system. Uhuru Kenyatta’s bedroom was occupied by hustlers who played like themselves (walicheza kama wao).

It seems like Juja experience opened so many people’s eyes, one of them being Kiambu member of Parliament and former radio queen Gathoni Wamuchomba.

On Saturday Morning, 22nd of May 2021, Wamuchomba left the system mesmerized after she changed her reggae tunes and started dancing hustler moves.

“From my recent experiences in Juja, i will remain ‘Hapa nyuma ya hema’ just to listen and learn, na huku nyuma ya hema tuko wengi leo……..,” she posted on her social media account.

on 23 June 2021, the Kiambu women rep officially confirmed that she has left Kieleweke for tanga tanga. According to Gathoni, her electorate had advised her to join the deputy president’s side. More

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