Miguna Miguna tough warning to Uhuru, Raila after BBI was nullified!

National Resistance Movement General Miguna Miguna has decided to keep on hanging on Raila and Uhuru Kenyatta’s b@lls after high Court judges stopped BBI reggae.

Miguna, who has always opposed the former premier and president Uhuru Kenyatta’s idea of BBI started by giving teachings about high court judges.

“TEACHING BASIC LAW TO KENYAN LAWYERS & MEDIA: Constitutional Court’s Judgement is NOT a “High Court Ruling.”

“The Constitutional Court comprised 5 Judges empaneled by the CJ. A 5-Bench Constitutional Court Panel RULING CANNOT be overturned by a 3-Bench Court of Appeal Panel.

“The NSIS instigated half-baked propaganda that the 5-Bench Constitutional Court Panel of Kenya’s MOST DISTINGUISHED JUDGES was bribed by Ruto is disgraceful.

“Some of us called the #BBIFraud UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ILLEGAL on March 9, 2018 when Auma Ndii and Ruto were supporting it,” said Miguna Miguna.

The self proclaimed General congratulated the five judges for their good work saying their did exemplary well and that they knowledge is beyond any Kenya lawyer’s expectations.

“Why Justices Ngugi, Odunga, Mwita, Ngah and Matheka have distinguished themselves as top jurists:1. Their Judgment is RIGOROUS, well-written, LOGICAL, based on evidence and A FIRM LEGAL FOUNDATION.2. They treated all parties EQUALLY.3. They addressed Uhuru Kenyatta as “Mr.” like any other litigant,” he added.

This comes as BBI secretariat threaten to move to court and appeal the decision by the high court judges so that they can switch the BBI reggae back on, something that according to experts might take ages. More

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