Exposed: Why professor Hamo was fired from hot 96!

Churchill show comedian Herman Gakobo Kago popularly known as prof. Hamo has lost his hot 96 job, a radio station that is owned by Royal Media services.

Lately the comedian has been faced by a lot of challenges after his fellow comedienne accused him of child neglect, something that forced the two to undergo a DNA test on the children.

Yesterday, 11th of May 2021, Hamo’s Baby Mama Chemutai confirmed that, the DNA results showed that. Kago is the father of their two children.

Just hours after the Comedian got the news that he is the official father to Chemutai’s babies, he has lost his well paying radio job.

Trusted source told that, Hamo was fired from the station due to indiscipline matters. Since Chemutai exposed him, he has been behaving weird.

Hamo was among the best paid radio presenters in Kenya, pocketing more than ksh600,000 every month. He will now be forced to tarmac again in order to get another job especially after spoiling his reputation with child neglect. More

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