Inside Ruto’s powerful deal with Kikuyu community!

DP William Samoei Ruto has struck a very powerful deal with Mount Kenya leaders, a deal that has left President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga shaking.

Ruto had a three day meeting with several mount Kenya leaders Including economist David Ndii at the Maasai Mara lounge.

After the meeting, Ruto released a statement on Sunday, 2nd may 2021 where he disclosed that the team agreed to progress on the non-ethnic, non-regional and non-divisive political foundation laid by the Jubilee government.

According to the second in command, tickle down economy was excluding millions of Kenyans and that’s why he has decided to take the bottom up approach.

“The most important conversation is on the empowerment of small businesses, increasing farmers’ earnings and creating an enabling environment that rewards hard work, nurtures creativity and promotes initiative for all to flourish.

“To ensure that an all-inclusive conversation takes root, we have agreed on a framework of engagement beginning at the grassroots with farmers, entrepreneurs, traders, cooperatives, other producer and business associations encompassing all the key agricultural value chains in particular tea, coffee, dairy, fresh produce, rice and miraa,” the statement read in part.

Ruto said experts will be invited to counsel for a conducive development.

“Patriotic Kenyans of all shades – scholars, professionals, subject matter experts, business and community leaders – will be brought on board to facilitate this comprehensive, all-encompassing national engagement,” the statement added.

Ruto’s plan is to win the hearts of all mount Kenya leaders and citizens, so that to have a walk in the park when it comes to matters 2022.

Ruto knows knows very well that Mount Kenya has the biggest number of people countrywide and support from that part of the country would guarantee him direct ticket to statehouse. More

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