Kenya Confirms 3 more cases of Coronavirus.|Latest updates

Coronavirus Pandemic is continuing to scare the whole world and the number of new cases is increasing daily.

Kenya health cabinet secretary Mutahi kagwe has today 18th March 2020 confirmed another 3 cases of Coronavirus in Kenya, bringing the total number of Confirmed Coronavirus cases in Kenya to 7.

This happens as all governors unite to try to see how to prevent their respective counties against this deadly Virus.

Machakos governor Hon. Alfred Mutua has urged the national government to follow America’s example. He said that, America has given funds to It’s citizens as way to encourage them to stay at home so that to prevent further spread of COVID-19

Kenyan government is on the process of educating the public about the hygienic way of preventing Coronavirus. Kenyans are urged to wash hands with soap or by use of hand sanitizes.

As the COVID-19 continues to put entire Europe on lock down, China has has shown a very good example in fighting the virus.

Schools have began reopening in China because they have reduced the number of new infections to almost zero. More

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