Shocking: 4 women fight over a dead boda boda rider

Drama at Kirinyaga Funeral home as four women fight over a deceased Boda boda rider each claiming that he was their baby daddy.

Business stood still on 8th may 2019 at Kirinyaga mortuary after women started shouting and some even fighting over what many described as “love affair”

Mwangi, a renowned Boda boda rider became very famous yesterday, but unfortunately, the fame came after he was dead and in a negative way to his family members.

One woman who strongly believed that she was the only wife of mwangi expressed her disappointments as she said that, mwangi, the father of her child was a loving and caring man and their child loved him because he spent most of his times with it. Other 3 women were seen even collapsing because of the shame they came through .

The matter was decided by area police and burial release form was sighed by Mwangi’s elder brother.