He shot her 47 times because of love.

Patrick Oita Nyapara, a kenyan administration police officer was deeply in love with his deceased “ex wife”

It is said that, Oita picked Christine Maonga from the village some years back where she was almost losing hope in life. According to his close friends, Patrick Oita decided to take Christine to school so that they can have a brighter future together.

As she was continuing with her tertiary education, Christine started going off the lane and this angered Patrick. In October 8th 2017 at 22:33 hours, Patrick wrote in his facebook page ” Is there any wrong someone to commit suicide because of love? whoever lives by the sword dies by the sword and whoever lives by GUN dies by the…”

This message showed that the two lovers were not in good terms with each other. On the same statement, Christine replied to this message
” If that can settle your predicaments, then GO AHEAD!!!”

Two years down the line, Patrick has taken the live of christine, something that has left many mouth wide open.
May her soul rest in peace and justice prevail.

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