Larry Madowo on fire over Dusit D2 attack

Yesterday, 15th Jan 2019 is the time of the year that will remain in many kenyans mind. The worst and unexpected happened.

So many kenyans, 14 people to be precise lost their lives and so many got serious injuries. The attach began at around 3Pm. At this time, everybody was busy trying to wind up the day’s assignments.

Former NTV Journalist, who is now a BBC Journalist Mr Larry Madowo has found himself on fire over the same incident. Larry posted on his twitter account that, he was watching the incident live from the BBC offices.

Kenyans began criticizing Larry because pf what he posted saying that its like he was laughing for kenyans. Some people are defending him saying that he was just doing his job. I also think that he was doing his job and he did nothing wrong more