Things You don’t know about Cardi B. No. 4 will shock you

This are things you don’t know about Singer/ rapper Cardi B. Some things will shock you and leave you mouth wide open.
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Cardi B is one of the most famous female artists all over the world. her popularity has grown over time and is still growing day by day.
This are things you don’t know about Cardi B

1. Cardi has over five cars. she has very expensive cars and she uses them to shoot videos and rap about them. she likes taking photos in her cars just to show off.

2. When she was young, cardi B used to walk with a laser blade in her mouth. Yes, i know this one has caught you unaware. she liked doing that just because she wanted to be a bad girl and use it to protect herself in case of danger

3. Cardi B likes Nicki minaj. Cardi Likes Nicki very much and sees her as her sister. I know most of you may thing that this two girls are probably the worst enemies ever lived. But This two are best of friends leave alone what you see on social media

4. Cardi can’t drive. Despite Cardi having fleets of cars, she can’t drive. Actually she is the worst driver ever lived. She says that, she is afraid of driving. She used her cars just for photo and video shoots and to rap about them. see

That’s all i have for today , please let us know if you know more.