Reasons why Diamond Decided to neglect his father and leave him to die

Bongo star Diamond platnumz has been swimming in wealth while his father is dying in bed. Diamond’d dad has been sick for a while now but his son seems not to bother.

Here are the reasons why WCB Wasafi C.E.O Diamond platnumz decided to neglect his father.
Diamond is very close to his mother, he has been supporting her one hundred percentage. But he has never extended this support to his dad, why?

Rumors say that, Diamond joined Illuminati, and the wealth that he was given had conditions that he should never use it on his father. It said that, if he tries to use any shilling on his father, it will cost him his life. And this is the main reason why he decided to neglect him.

Other rumors say that, Diamond does not want to help his father because he never treated him good while he was growing up. He used to mistreat his mother, something that diamond has grown with and it bothers his heart more